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10 Amazing Holiday Gifts for Study Abroad Students in 2024


Traveling can be stressful, especially if it’s your first time on your own in a new country. If you’re searching for gifts for a student in your life who is about to embark on a study abroad program in 2024, these helpful travel gadgets will give you both some peace of mind. 

Here are our picks for the top best gifts for study abroad students in 2024: 

1. Convenient Travel Cup Holders for Luggage

The worst part about traveling is that when you have your passport in one and your carry-on in the other, there’s no hand left to hold your coffee! These nifty cup holders slide over your student’s luggage handle to keep their drinks secure. They also have extra pockets to hold their phone, passport and boarding pass. Oh, and they come in a variety of colors and patterns, so they go with basically any bag!

2. Lock That Opens With Your Fingerprint

Keys can be lost, combinations can be forgotten, and zip ties are a hassle, but with this high-tech padlock your student can access you’re their stuff with the press of a finger. The lock beam is made of stainless steel, so even the craftiest luggage thieves won’t be cutting through. It’s also waterproof (in case they happen to be in Costa Rica during the rainy season) and USB rechargeable, able to unlock about 2,500 times in one charge. And don’t worry, if it malfunctions, a backup key is provided as an emergency opening option.

3. Mini Portable Charger

Though charging stations are increasingly wildly available in most airports, what if your student needs a charge on the go? Studying abroad in 2024 requires a phone with a lot of juice. Whether they are navigating a new city, listening to their favorite travel playlists, video calling their friends back home on WhatsApp or FaceTime, or of course snapping pics to document their adventures, that battery is going to be put to work. This one is around the size of a stick of lip balm so they can easily slip in their pocket or carry-on. And it’s fast charging so they can get back to their journey in a jiffy!

4. Super Comfy and Versatile Travel Pillow

It takes a seasoned traveler to learn to be able to get a good sleep on an international flight or long train ride, and most would agree that a good pillow is the key. This one is designed for versatility and can be twisted to support your head, neck, shoulders or spine. Plus, as flights can sometimes be cold, it can double as a scarf.

5. Compression Socks with Tons of Benefits

International flights are a test of stamina, but one way to make them more comfortable is wearing a pair of compression socks. Pro-flyers wear these to help deter potential blood clots by stimulating circulation in the legs. The socks also fight leg fatigue and prevent swelling. These 6 packs feature tons of colors and patterns to match your student’s travel fit.

6. Digital Luggage Scale to Relieve Some Anxiety

We’ve all experienced that feeling of panic when you’re checking a bag at the airport and — surprise! Your bag is too heavy and now you have to sort through it in front of everyone in line. It doesn’t have to be this way. Digital luggage scales are small portable devices that can spare your student this embarrassment by helping them make sure their luggage meets the airport’s weight restrictions, so there’s no need to worry about them getting stuck in a heavy situation.

7. Gift Cards for Ride Share, Just in Case

Many of our study abroad destinations have ample public transportation options so your student can explore relatively inexpensively, but sometimes it’s necessary to get somewhere fast. Let’s say, for example, they’re studying abroad in Barcelona and need to get to class, but it’s a home game at Camp Nou and the buses are filled with amped up fans. An Uber or Lyft gift card can zip them across town before the bell.

8. Compression Cubes for More Luggage Space

Packing is pretty much an artform, but there are ways to do it that will make your student look like a master. One of them is to purchase compression cubes for them. These don’t require a vacuum or pump, they’re perfect for packing for the trip home. And because they have extra space, there might be a souvenir in it for you!

9. Phone Holder for Movies On The Go

Most international flights have screens and plenty of TV and movie options for each seat, but what if your student wants to watch one of their favorites? Of all the study abroad gifts, we think content lovers will love this phone holder that clips on to airplane trays, desks, and more, so they can sit back, relax and watch whatever they downloaded.

10. Universal Travel Adapter

So, one hitch about international travel? When you’re there, your electronics might not fit in any sockets. The shapes and wattage levels of power outlets can vary by country. Make sure your student is prepared with this universal power adapter that works in international outlets. You will literally be powering their journey!

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