About Guardian Network

Dr Sankar Chandra Podder

Guardian Network is a well-known Educational Consulting Agency since 2004 in Bangladesh born to support students to achieve their outstanding educational success globally. Applying to top universities in Malaysia, Belgium, USA, Canada, UK, and Australia can open doors to incredible careers for graduate and post graduate students. Our world class experts help students to reach their highest academic success no matter where they apply…

Guardian Network

Guardian Network is noted for the excellence of its professional service in areas such as students counseling and communication, to choose right subject, right institution and right education field. We have branch offices in Bangladesh and Malaysia to help students at home and abroad. We also help the meritorious students to get scholarship or pay tuition fees at reduced rate.

We provide student counseling on following areas:- Counseling on Trimester and Semester type of University education system. 

Migration of credit from one University to another University: We help students to transfer their credit from one university in which s/he is studying to another university in which s/he wishes to study for better career.

 Official paper and correspondence and Visa process: To get study in foreign country we give help and support to students to arrange official papers with perfection and correspond successfully. We also help in visa processing.

Ticket arrangement for foreign student: We arrange tickets for foreign students.

Graduation program technical Engineers, Doctors, Chartered Accounting, Nursing and non technical like Social Science, Hotel Management, Hospitality Management etc: We offer students to have various graduation programs in different foreign countries both in technical and non technical side of education.

 Master program in technical programs like Engineering, Doctors, Chartered Accounting, Nursing and non technical like Social Science, Hotel Management, Hospitality Management etc: We also offer graduate students to have post graduation programs in abroad universities in technical and non technical side.

 PhD or Specialization programs like technical Engineers, Doctors, Chartered Accounting, Nursing and non technical like Social Science, Hotel Management, Hospitality Management etc: Our organization offers counseling to those who wish to get PhD or Specialized program in foreign universities

Accommodation, food and transport arrangement for foreign Students: Servicing the foreign students in Accommodation, food and transport arrangements are also important parts of our organization.


We have international branches in the Canada, UK, USA. Besides, we are working to expand our branches worldwide. Hopefully, by the end of 2022, we will set up new branches to help aspiring students study abroad.


Our mission is to be the most reliable platform for our associate universities and students wishing to study in the UK, USA, and Canada. Our goal is to make overseas education accessible to students who want to study abroad.


We envision making overseas education accessible to every student who wishes to study abroad. Our vision is to be one of the top agents in the South Asia and Africa region by 2025.

We are very dedicated to promoting our partner institutes to prospective students and suggesting them to students according to their entry criteria. Our experts are always working for the betterment of the partner institutes by offering high-quality and effective marketing services to overseas institutions, organizing education fairs, open days, spot assessments, seminars, and many more.

Our working system is based on honesty, transparency, and sincerity. We believe in fair practice. We are very committed to ensuring the best institution and degree for the students. Furthermore, we are also determined to provide several services along with the best students to the international universities with whom we are associated.

To provide the best service to our customers, we work in different categories. We have a customer service, marketing and counselling team. Moreover, we have a country-wise processing office. In addition, we have a compliance team that assist and guide students in visa processing.

Our team provides never-ending service to our students even after completing their courses abroad. We always try to keep in touch with the students.

GN Study are a sister concern of GN Study English Pvt. Ltd.