Services for Institution

Services for Institution

NHP Education Consultants is specialised on student visa process. Our objective is to ensure that we provide the best possible services to the students as well as to the universities we work with.

These are few of the services we offer to the institutions:

  • Provide regular feed back on the market trends, changes that may be of benefit to the Institutes.
  • Adverts, editorials in the national dailies and education related magazines.
  • Visit selected local institutions including English Medium Schools, local Colleges and Universities.
  • Arrange Seminars
  • Interview individual students
  • Attend Educational Fairs
  • Handle and respond to enquiries
  • Filter out unsuitable students
  • Verify student’s academic, financial and social background.
  • Ensuring thorough Visa preparation to minimize any chances of visa rejection.
  • Pre-departure orientation to students to ensure that they are well prepared to adopt to the university environment.
  • Work closely with agencies such as Government Ministries, Embassies and others
Advantages to work with us
  • NEC will promote your institute in Bangladesh that will help you to make a BRAND image.
  • NEC will give all efforts to recruit a good number of students for each intake.
  • NEC will invite your institute for seminars and spot Admission before every intake. So that students become familiar about your institution.

Our Counsellors are very careful in selecting students for institutions according to the criteria specified by the respective institutions. When a student comes, our counsellors conduct interview of the student to check his/her eligibility and assess his/her grades and performances in his/her past studies/work. We enjoy a very high visa success rate because we accept students who are perfect from every aspect.

University Selection

University selection is the most crucial stage of the application process. It is done based on your test scores, at least six months before the time you intend to join your prospective universities. Based on our extensive experience in this field and contacts with our past students from various universities around the world, we help you select good universities to apply to, where chances of getting financial assistance are also good.

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