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8 Career Fields That Are Perfect for Virtual Internships


Internships are an indispensable experience, as they allow you to test the waters of your chosen career. What if you’re interested in the subject matter, but don’t like the actual day-to-day as a job? That’s what internships will help you discover. The good news is that with today’s technology, virtual internships are available and easier than ever, though some career fields and industries are more adaptable than others. 

Here are a few industries that we think perfectly suit the virtual internship lifestyle:

Graphic Design

Visual artists were once confined to their easels, but no longer. With the right laptop, stylus, and design platforms, graphic designers can work from anywhere! A remote graphic design internship allows you to work with global corporations and internationally recognized brands. Being able to show future employers your ability to adapt to specific in-house styles is important, and more impressive, you’ll have learned to do it for an international company, with a different culture than most designers are used to. 


There are so many different types of businesses, so naturally there are various ways to work in the field, including through a remote internship. The great thing about a remote internship is that you can choose not only what type of business you want to work for, but what country they’re based in. Future employers will not only value your discipline in working independently, but you’ll also be able to prove that you can communicate effectively, despite cultural barriers. This is a key skill to have, especially when working for businesses that want to go international. 

AIFS Abroad Virtual Intern Shares Business Internship Experience

Fashion Marketing 

Interns in the fashion marketing field don’t need to be on the runway to work. Marketing urban lifestyles, edgy clothes, and statement pieces can all be done from the comfort of your at-home desk. Working remotely allows you to work with and be inspired by international artists and collaborators who work at fashion houses big and small, from Milan, Florence, or even New York City.  

IT & Web Design 

Every business can use some IT assistance, and that goes for international companies as well. While most in this field can set up a network, design a new website, build a brand-new app from scratch, not many can do this while also incorporating input from international higher-ups, who may think differently than their American counterparts. This will make you not only more adaptable, but allows you to be able to think outside the box when it comes to tech solutions. 

Marketing & Public Relations 

It makes sense that virtual marketing or public relations internships are readily available, as marketing and technology go hand-in-hand. Marketing and public relations companies are looking for talented individuals who can help them implement a marketing strategy for their business to find new clients, gain repeat business, and gain referrals from existing clients… and you can do all of that from your laptop! And if you choose a virtual internship in another country, it will only help you improve your valuable communication skills. 

AIFS Abroad Virtual Intern Shares Marketing Internship Experience

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Similar to IT, SEO is a must-have investment for international companies. While crafty SEO managers learn the ins and outs of Google algorithms, doing so with a different language and culture is a whole different ball game. A virtual SEO internship allows you work with international organizations that may not only improve your skills with coding languages, but also spoken languages, as you learn to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues to find solutions and form strategies. 

Finance & Accounting 

Companies all over the world are looking for interns to help digest numbers, problem solve, and assist with their financial decisions. Doing a virtual finance or accounting internship for a company abroad is a great opportunity to learn how the economies of different countries affect each other. An accountant with a global perspective is much more valuable than one who has only dealt with domestic investments and clients. 


While on-site journalism still exists and is very important, it’s becoming more common that news outlets are less of a newsroom and more of an intricate series of virtual meetings. The industry is historically highly competitive, but outlets highly value self-starter journalism with a proven track record to be able to learn everything there is to know about a breaking international story without having to pay for travel to send them there. A virtual journalism internship on your resume will certainly catch an editor’s eye. 

Want international experience as an intern without setting foot on a plane? Check out our virtual internships in various career fields! 

Whether you have family obligations or other opportunities at home, sometimes a typical internship program abroad just can’t work out. Luckily, AIFS Abroad’s virtual internships are easy to apply to, affordable, and will provide you with the experience you need to get ahead in one of your chosen career fields.