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AIFS Abroad Named Top Internship Abroad Provider of 2023


We’re excited to announce that AIFS Abroad has officially been named the #1 Overall Top Internship Abroad Provider by Go Overseas, a long-standing and well-respected online directory and review site for international education programs. 

We don’t do what we do for awards or recognition, but this acknowledgment is incredibly meaningful to our team, as it symbolizes how our participants feel about the quality and impact of our internship programs.

When describing this recognition, Go Overseas shares, “The best internship abroad providers help students and young professionals have an unforgettable experience that helps them grow as a person and develop as a professional. They provide support and assistance while still allowing the intern to learn the lessons necessary for a successful career.”

Being named the #1 Overall Top Internship Abroad Provider of 2023 means the literal world to us.

But first, what is Go Overseas?

Go Overseas is a website for people (mainly college students) looking for opportunities to study, volunteer, intern, or work abroad. Think of it like a Google for internship abroad programs and more! The site is notable for its reviews section, where users can share their experiences and insights about different programs and providers. These reviews contribute to the platform’s reputation for offering valuable, real-world perspectives on various international opportunities. So, needless to say, this is big for us. 

What’s our rating?

We’d like to thank our former participants, their parents, and their advisors who took the time to rate and review us! We’re incredibly proud of our consistently high rating and the 1,300+ reviews from our community.

AIFS Abroad overall rating on as of this blog post’s publish date. View current rating here.

What are people saying?

But don’t take it from us! Here are some actual reviews that contributed to us being named the #1 Overall Top Internship Abroad Provider of 2023.

My Time As An Intern In Florence, Italy

I greatly enjoyed my time living and working in Florence! This was my first time in Florence, and I am so appreciative to have gotten to experience all the beauty, art, and history that the city offers. Through AIFS Abroad, I got to learn Italian language from an Italian instructor among other foreigners, take cooking classes and learn authentic Italian recipes, and venture to cities nearby Florence for day trips. The AIFS staff appropriately matched me to an internship with a company that provides marketing services for local Florentine businesses. While working there, I learned new skills in marketing and design, got to practice my freshly learned Italian, and developed an understanding of the business world in Italy. I had to return home abruptly due to unforeseen circumstances in the middle of my time as a program participant, but I am greatly appreciative that the company for whom I was interning allowed me to continue my internship remotely. I learned valuable skills while working in person and remotely which contributed to my understanding of how I want to proceed in my future career. I am grateful to AIFS for the opportunity to embark upon such a meaningful experience and for accommodating me when my circumstances changed.

Brooke, AIFS Abroad Full-Time Internship Program in Florence, Italy

AIFS Abroad internship program participant shares experience in Florence, Italy

London. Go for it.

My time during AIFS’s internship program in London was an unbelievable experience and one that I will never forget. Since starting College back in 2019, I’d always wanted to experience studying and/or interning abroad, so after graduating in May of this year, I decided to end this period of my life with this internship in London. London turned out to be the perfect spot for me: relative ease with culture change (as you don’t have to deal with language barriers), experience living in a major city, an abundance of things to do and sights to see, and an amazing staff from AIFS who made the experience even better as they showed us around the city, helped with any questions or concerns, and genuinely cared about our well-being in our time there.

This program sparked a huge growth in my personal development and future career goals as at the conclusion of my time, my internship placement offered me a full-time position. The past me would’ve thought this was never possible, but it looks like I’ll be living and working in London for the start of my life after graduation.

If you’re on the edge about participating in this program, just go for it. Yes, not every day is going to be glamorous and dreamlike, but you will come out the other side with a life-changing experience under your belt. I’ve found the big-city living life of London to be the perfect abroad experience, and I don’t doubt you’d end up feeling the same.

Jack, AIFS Abroad Full-Time Internship Program in London, England

AIFS Abroad internship program participant shares experience in London, England

London Calling? Go For It!

I loved my time in London! Our internship manager worked so hard to find us a right fit job placement and I loved the company that I worked for. My placement fit with my interests and philosophies, and I now have some amazing connections. Going to work was something that I really loved and has helped me explore new job opportunities.

Our trips on the weekend were also amazingly fun as we saw a wide range of English culture. There was something for everyone and our location manager was always listening to our interests and catered to them. From exploring London’s vintage flea markets to seeing some amazing historical sites, there was always something fun to do and learn. We also had time to explore on our own and really find the parts of London that spoke to us. For example, I loved going to West End theatre performances and I went to a different part of the city every weekend to explore. This freedom helped me grow as a person and as a traveler!

I never thought I could live in a big city but with the program’s support and by pushing myself, I found that I really loved it. This experience has changed my life and I am so grateful for this opportunity!

Hannah, AIFS Abroad Full-Time Internship in London, England

Galway is the best!

I absolutely loved my experience in Galway! It’s such a unique place to study abroad in and I am so grateful I chose this location. My internship placement was so amazing and I was excited to go to work everyday. Exploring the city with other interns in the program was so much fun and the city is so welcoming and safe. The group is usually smaller here which helped me create close relationships with the other students. I cannot recommend this location and program enough. The program staff, Karen, is awesome! I promise you will love it here!

Sydney, AIFS Abroad Full-Time Internship Program in Galway, Ireland

AIFS Abroad internship program participant shares experience in Dublin, Ireland

Sydney with AIFS is amazing

The Sydney program with AIFS is fantastic; I would recommend it to everyone. I participated in their internship program in 2023 and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Sydney is an extremely safe city with friendly people. Traveling is easy, and there are so many things to do in Sydney and Australia. Our Australian mom for the program, Andrea, is just as amazing and made the experience even better. As for the internship, I loved my experience working for the finance team in a non-profit. Also, the housing is very nice and in a great location.

Elise, AIFS Abroad Full-Time Internship Program in Sydney, Australia

AIFS Abroad internship program participant shares experience in Sydney, Australia

“We gained unique work experiences…”

My internship experience through [AIFS Abroad] has been incredible. I found AIFS to be extremely supportive and informative. It would’ve been extremely difficult to find an internship abroad on my own. AIFS paired me with companies that aligned with both my academic studies and career goals. AIFS found me a place to live, set me up with health insurance, taught me how to use the transportation systems, taught me the cultural differences, and much more. AIFS also set up excursions around Australia the allowed us to bond with the other American interns in our cohort and enjoy different areas of Australia that we might have missed otherwise. It was different than study abroad because we gained unique work experiences that will better prepare us for the workforce. I would recommend this program to anyone in college, but especially to those who want to work internationally.

Kateri, AIFS Abroad Full-Time Internship Program in Sydney, Australia


This was the first time I’ve worked in the fashion industry, and I am so glad I was able to be exposed to something so new, and have a great time while doing so. I was able to learn a lot more about my interests through work, as well as travels with my roommates and the group. My advisors Antonella and Amanda were so accommodating to all of my needs, and I felt extremely supported throughout my whole program. It was great knowing that they were only a text away and ready to help me with anything I needed.

Lily, AIFS Abroad Full-Time Internship Program in Milan, Italy

AIFS Abroad internship program participant shares experience in Milan, Italy

We’d like to extend the invitation to intern abroad to you as well! 

If you want to learn first hand about the experiences that helped dub us the #1 Overall Top Internship Abroad Provider of 2023, we’d love to help you start your journey! On top of stellar career development programming and pre-professional experiences abroad, our programs include a lot. With inclusions such as housing, insurance, excursions and activities, on-site staff, emergency support, and professional development opportunities, you’ll have a stress-free global education experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in a brand new city while finding a career you love!

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