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Here’s Why Summer is the Perfect time to Study Abroad in England


Fancy a cheeky trip across the pond? You’ll be chuffed to know that you can gain credits between spring and fall semesters while having a splendid time in one of the world’s major hubs of art, entertainment, fashion, media, tech and finance. Summer is a proper time to study abroad in the one and only England

Here are a few of the many reasons why doing a study abroad program in England during the summer will leave you gobsmacked:

It’s When History Comes Alive 

Given its storied history, England itself is basically a giant, interactive museum. Are you someone who thinks about the Roman Empire several times a week? Soak in the Roman-built baths in the ancient city named, well, Bath. Entranced by medieval court life? The Tower of London is filled with tales straight out of any Game of Thrones season. Then, of course, there’s the palace intrigue of the current occupants of the British throne, the House of Windsor, depicted in the show The Crown which can be experienced in real life at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. In the summer, most of these sites will have extended hours, allowing you to fit more England in to your downtime as a study abroad student!

AIFS Abroad student at Buckingham Palace in London, England

Top of The Pops 

Sure, the U.S. may be the pop-culture capital of the world, but some may say England practically invented the game. In England, you can walk across the same Camden intersection as The Beatles did for their famous Abbey Road album cover or get your bookworm on in the bookshop featured in the movie Notting Hill. There are iconic literary sites that inspired everyone from Shakespeare to Jane Austen. And, of course, one simply can’t resist taking a picture in front of the same Platform 9 ¾ that transported Harry and his friends into the wizarding realm of the Harry Potter series. And with the weather at its best during the summer, your photos are sure to, well, pop! 

AIFS Abroad students recreating The Beatles album cover at Abbey Road in London, England
AIFS Abroad students at Abbey Road in London, England


When you study abroad with AIFS Abroad in particular during the summer, London will be your campus, with both intellectual and extracurricular activities. England’s capital city has so much to offer students, especially during the summer months. Are you a thespian at heart? Catch a Shakespearean play at Regent’s Park Open Air Theater. At night you can take a frightful tour through East London, the very same streets that Jack the Ripper once stalked. If you’re more of a partyer, there’s the Notting Hill Carnival, a street party that celebrates Caribbean culture. Need a study break? Make sure you take a dip in the Serpentine Lido while you’re there, as summer is the rare time when it’s a comfortable enough temperature to swim! 

Pub Culture 

Pub culture is a quintessential experience in England, to the point that “cheers” is the colloquial equivalent of saying “thank you.” Grab a pint at a cozy pub with a book and a big plate of fish and chips or get loud cheering alongside English Premier League fans. And at the end of the weekend, don’t miss the British tradition of “Sunday Roast,” where families gather to eat roasted meat with Yorkshire pudding. With the weather being slightly less rainy in summer, you’ll be able to take your beverage or snack outside to mingle with the friendly locals! 

fish and chips at borough market in london, england
Fish & Chips in London, England

The English Countryside 

There are plenty of charming countryside villages to explore in England during the summer. Walk the idyllic Cotswold stone cottages of Castle Combe, known as “the prettiest village in England,” or hike the surrounding mountains of Beddgelert, Snowdonia. The weather in England is at its best during the summer, so if you’re an outdoorsy type of explorer, this is an ideal time to visit.

If you’re keen on having a cracking summer, AIFS Abroad has study abroad and international internships in London, England.

If you’re considering a summer study abroad program in England, you’ve come to the right place. Here at AIFS Abroad, we offer incredible program options in London, one of the world’s major global cities. With inclusions such as tuition, housing, insurance, excursions and activities, on-site staff, and emergency support, you’ll have a stress-free global education experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in British life and world-renowned culture while earning college credits in between spring and fall semester. Are you ready?

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