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How to Say “Thank You” in 11 Different Languages


Last Updated on November 16, 2023 by AIFS Abroad

Though Thanksgiving is an American tradition, people in countries around the world are also giving thanks this time of year during their own harvest festivals. If you’re thinking about studying abroad or interning abroad on one of AIFS Abroad’s many different programs, you’ll probably need to learn how to say “thank you” in your host country’s language or languages. So, why not practice at this year’s Thanksgiving table?

Here are a few of the many ways say “thank you” in different languages from around the world: 

1. Spanish


Pronunciation: graa·see·uhs

2. German 


Pronunciation: dahn-kuh

3. Hungarian 


Pronunciation: koe-ssoe-noem

4. Italian 


Pronunciation: gra-tzee-eh

5. Scottish Gaelic 

Tapadh leat

Pronunciation: TAH-puh LAHT

6. Czech 


Pronunciation: deh-ku-yee

7. French 


Pronunciation: mehr-see

8. Greek 


Roman letters: Efcharistó 

Pronunciation: ef-hari-sto

9. Irish Gaelic 

Go raibh maith agat 

Pronunciation: guh-ruh-mah-a-gut

10 Portugese 


Pronunciation: oh-bree-gah-doh

11. Korean 


Roman letters: Gamsahabnida 

Pronunciation: gam-sab-nee-dah

Impress your family by bringing a little international flair to your Turkey Day!

Before studying or interning abroad, try peppering a little of your host country’s language with friends and family. Not only will it impress them, but it will also impress the locals when you’re overseas. Even if you can’t speak fluently, a little effort goes a long way!