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Is a Virtual Internship Worth It? 


We often get asked, “I want to do a virtual internship, but is it worth it?” The short answer? Yes! Internships in general are a key steppingstone from college to being a working adult, but the nature of work has changed a lot over the years — including internships.

Many employers around the world now offer more fully remote positions than ever before, which can extend to their internships as well. While doing a physical internship abroad has incredible benefits and allows you to immerse yourself into your host company’s country and culture, sometimes life gets in the way of an opportunity like that. An in-person experience may not be feasible for you if you have other employment obligations, are taking courses, or have financial limitations. 

Whatever your reasons, if you can’t commit to an internship abroad, you should consider a remote one. It will give you a new set of digital skills, independence, and an assurance to future employers of your professional independence and productivity. 

At AIFS Abroad, we believe international internships are career-changing opportunities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we sprang into action to create an innovative new virtual internship program that is affordable, environmentally friendly, and culturally engaging. It brings you the same benefits of our award-winning international internship programs, but from the comfort of your laptop. Here’s how it works: 

Before Your Virtual Internship 

After applying and being accepted into our virtual internship program, we guarantee you an international internship in your desired field with an international employer. Not only that, but it’s on us to find it! That means no logging into LinkedIn or submitting endless individual internship applications. We’ll work with our network of overseas employers to find the best placement for you and set you up for success. 

Meanwhile, we work one-on-one with each virtual intern to get to know you, your goals, and interests. We customize your remote internship based on this information and are dedicated to finding you the best possible fit. 

You will work with a dedicated AIFS Abroad Program Advisor who will review your resume and cover letter, and they’ll give you tips and interview training so you’re prepared and confident for your interview.  

Pro-tip: Did you know it’s possible to earn credit for your virtual internship? We’ll happily work with your home college or university on this. We also provide courses of our own which can help you earn academic credit, too. 

During Your Virtual Internship 

Don’t worry, we won’t throw you into the deep end right away. We’ll kick things off with resources and meetings with advisors and other virtual interns to talk remote work best practices, as well as a welcome orientation. Plus, we’ll check in with you often to ensure your virtual internship is going well and is beneficial to your career goals. We’re dedicated to your success! 

Steffy shares a day in her life as a remote intern with a company in Rome, Italy

After Your Virtual Internship 

Congratulations! With contacts across the world thanks to your virtual internship, your professional network is now officially international. Think of all the opportunities available to you with an overseas company on your resume! 

After your program has wrapped up, you’ll go through a virtual exit orientation and a post-program de-brief with our team to discuss the impact of your experience. 

Plus, good news: if you enjoyed your remote internship and are inspired to physically go abroad, consider signing up for one of AIFS Abroad’s in-person internships around the world. By completing one of our virtual internship programs, you’ll be eligible to receive a grant towards it! 

The benefits of doing a remote internship are endless. 

Virtual internships are an affordable and convenient way to get real-world professional experience with an international company or organization from the comfort of home. Wow potential future employers with a resume that represents your focus and determination.