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Summer is a Great Time to Study Abroad in Austria — Here’s Why


Looking to elevate your summer plans? Well, how about spending the season in a country that is three-quarters dominated by the actual Alps? While the standard beach-and-BBQ affair is great and all, doing a study abroad program in Austria during summer takes the season to new heights. 

Here are a few of the many reasons why summers abroad in Austria are simply ‘Aus’ome: 

1. The Weather is Unbeatable 

Just like its mountains, winters in Austria can get a bit… severe. But in the summer, the snow melts, opening visitors to more outdoor activities, from hiking mountainous trails, to simply enjoying a refreshing stein on a patio. While Austria is a landlocked country, there are plenty of mountain lakes to swim in, famous for being emerald on the surface, yet crystal-clear enough to see right to the bottom. 

2. It Makes the Water Even Better 

We’re not suggesting you go halfway around the world for a glass of water, but we’re not not suggesting it. One little known fact about Austria is that its water is uniquely delicious and refreshing. Due to a series of lucky geological consequences caused by the Alps, the water is stored and released in aquifers underground for thousands of years at a time. This makes the mountain water cold and just the right amount of mineralization for a refreshing sip on a warm Austrian summer day! 

3. Midsummer 

Don’t worry, it’s nothing like the 2019 movie! Midsummer is an ancient pagan celebration of the summer solstice, when the earth’s poles are at the maximum tilt towards the sun. In Christianity it has become known as “feast day,” and many cultures and religious across the world celebrate a similar holiday around this time. Austrians celebrate Midsummer by sailing up to 30 ships down the Danube River while bonfires shaped like animals or logos of local businesses are burned up in the mountains. Needless to say, it’s lit.

Salzburg, Austria

4. Food and Drink Is Better Tasted Outside 

During summer in Austria, the country’s best food and drinks spill out onto the streets! Whether you’re looking to enjoy a warm cup outside a Viennese coffee house, or some indulge in schnitzel and a beer at a local beer garden, you haven’t dined until you have done so surrounded by the peaks of the Alps. 

AIFS Abroad student hiking in Austria

5. The Music Matches the Country’s Natural Beauty 

The hills of Austria are, famously, alive with the of music. Apparently, Maria von Trapp wasn’t just speaking in metaphor. As Mozart’s own country of birth, Austria takes their classical music very seriously. Over a hundred years ago, fellow Austrians Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Max Reinhardt and Richard Strauss put on a music festival in Mozart’s hometown of Salzburg, and it has been held annually since. There’s also several summer concerts and festivals that are held literally up in the nearby East Alps! 

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