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Three Types of Short-Term Study Abroad Programs


Exploring the world through study abroad is an incredible opportunity to broaden your horizons and gain valuable academic experiences. However, not everyone can fit a semester-long trip into their busy college schedule. Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore three popular types of short-term study abroad programs: January Term, May Term, and Summer term. These options are a great fit for you if you’re looking for a more condensed experience.

Which short-term study abroad program is right for you?

1. January Term

January Term study abroad programs take place during your college winter break. They allow you to participate in an exciting academic program in a foreign country, earning academic credit toward your degree. January Term programs provide a focused and immersive experience.

Studying abroad during winter break has its perks. It offers a taste of the study abroad experience without a long-term commitment, it’s more affordable than semester-long options, and it allows you to avoid peak tourist season (Say goodbye to crowded attractions and long lines!). January Term is a productive way to earn credits while still enjoying a break from your routine.

2. May Term

May Term study abroad programs give you a unique opportunity to get ahead on your degree on the heels of your Spring semester. These programs provide a condensed academic experience in a foreign country, allowing you to earn academic credit while having a transformative adventure over the span of just a few weeks.

May Term offers a shorter duration, making it ideal if you are seeking a taste of the study abroad experience without sacrificing your entire summer. By participating in a May Term program, you can make the most of your break by engaging in an enriching academic endeavor while still having ample time to relax and recharge afterward. With a condensed timeline, these programs come at a lower cost, making them more accessible than longer-term programs.

3. Summer

Participating in a summer study abroad program provides you with an extended period to engage with your host country and its people. Unlike the shorter study abroad options, these programs offer an ample timeframe to develop a deep understanding of the local culture, language, and customs. You can forge meaningful connections, build lifelong friendships, and truly become a part of the community you reside in.

Summer programs are an excellent opportunity to get ahead academically and earn credits toward graduation. Second, studying abroad during the summer ensures you won’t miss out on campus life. During the summer, AIFS Abroad offers multi-destination programs that enable you to explore several countries while focusing on a specific course. We also offer internship and volunteering opportunity during this term.

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Choosing the right study abroad program depends on your preferences, goals, and available time. Whether you decide on studying abroad during January, May, or over summer vacation, you won’t be disappointed with the options AIFS has in store for you.

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