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Top Benefits of Doing a Virtual or Remote Internship


Pursuing an internship as a college student or recent graduate is a great way to apply your classroom learning experiences to a real-world professional environment. But what do you do if you live or go to school in a place where internship opportunities are scarce?

Introducing virtual internships, where you have the opportunity to gain invaluable career skills from your home, dorm, or any other remote location. It may sound strange at first, but there are great benefits to getting international work experience straight from your computer! 

Let’s break down a few of the benefits a remote internship opportunity offers. 

1. You can work from anywhere.

When you do a remote internship, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to work from wherever you want, as long as you can access the internet! Whether you want to set up shop in your home, dorm room, a local coffee shop, or neighborhood library, you’ll enjoy the ability to gain professional experience from the comfort of your laptop. 

Some interns have higher levels of productivity, job performance, and job satisfaction when allowed to work remotely. It makes sense, right? Working in a place that you care about or are comfortable in will make you happier and want to do a better job! 

2. You’ll work with diverse colleagues from around the world.

Another one of the many amazing benefits of doing a remote internship is that you’ll be able to gain a professional network of colleagues from different backgrounds and countries! Many virtual internship program placements are with international companies or organizations with no geographical restriction, so you’ll be gaining valuable cross-cultural work experience.

3. You’ll work independently.

Future employers will love to see that you were able to work both independently and efficiently with minimal on-location supervision during your remote internship. You’ll be able to highlight your ability to be proactive, find solutions on your own, and manage your time from afar. Operating across multiple time zones necessitates careful planning and discipline to meet deadlines, highlighting your adaptability. 

4. You’ll gain digital literacy skills employers want.

Let’s face it: We’re living in a very digital world that impacts all aspects of our lives. The way social media, technology, and other online resources influence how we live and work is massive. When you take part in a remote internship opportunity, you’ll be required to utilize digital platforms to communicate with your boss or team, keep track of your workload, and much more. The good news is that you’ll be able to highlight the experience you have — whether with productivity tools, spreadsheets and presentations, or across other various platforms — during the interview process with future employers, and they’ll be thrilled that you already have experience with this under your belt! 

5. It’s cost-effective.

One of the major benefits of doing a remote internship program is saving money. No need to pay for travel or commute costs, and you’ll save big by brewing your morning coffee and preparing your lunches from the comfort of home! 

Not to mention, you won’t have a need to dress to impress every day, so you’ll save on formal wardrobe and dry-cleaning costs.

6. It’s environmentally friendly.

Passionate about sustainability and the environment? Us, too! Doing a virtual remote internship is a greener choice than a traditional on-site program. And while there’s nothing like experiencing the hustle and bustle of a morning or evening commute, the Earth will benefit from you emitting considerably less carbon by interning remotely. All the comforts of your home and helping the environment in the process? Not a bad combination.

Katherine shares a day in her life as a remote intern, working for a company in the Caribbean.

7. You get to create your own office.

Channel your inner office designer and set up the perfect workstation for your style. What makes you the most productive? How do you like to stay organized? Do you like a sitting, standing, or adjustable desk? Set yourself up for success by putting together a conducive professional environment.

8. Interning remotely can mean better work-life balance.

Of all the benefits of doing a remote internship, this one can really hit home. Balancing your internship with your home life can impact your well-being tremendously, and doing a virtual opportunity like this means you can have the best of both worlds. You’ll have the flexibility to get things done at home while you’re on your break and pop back online to finish up your tasks once you’re ready. Hello, joy and productivity!

Did you know we offer virtual internship programs?

Here at AIFS Abroad, we’re thrilled to offer full-time and virtual international internship programs to college students and young professionals. You deserve a career you love, and we think having the option to do a remote internship from the comfort of your dorm, living room, favorite coffee shop, and beyond is non-negotiable. In addition to high-impact virtual work experience, you’ll also have access to our career-readiness program that features personalized coaching and professional development opportunities. This way, you’ll be more than prepared for your internship placement. 

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