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Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Study Abroad in South Korea


Studying abroad will no doubt broaden your horizons no matter where you go, but there’s a certain type of growth that happens when you go to the literal other side of the world. A destination like South Korea, for example, is a great place to explore new traditions and a different way of life. Korean culture is becoming increasingly familiar to many of us in the West, and summer is the perfect time to study abroad to find out why it’s growing in popularity.

If you want to go all out for your college study abroad program, go to South Korea. And if you want to go all out in South Korea, go during summer. Here are a few reasons why:

1. K-Pop Immersion

Don’t get us wrong, South Korea is well known for its tech industry, economy and military, but let’s just say most of the Western world knows it for a different ARMY.” The kinetic driver of the Korean Wave in the United States is K-pop. For the uninitiated, K-pop is basically South Korea’s answer to Western boy bands/girl bands, but to the max. Whether you’re a Blink, Once, or NCTzen, summer in South Korea is concert season for the country’s most popular export. Make sure you get your tickets well ahead of time though, as they go fast! 

2. Lush, Leafy Rainy Season 

There’s nothing like getting caught in the rain during summertime! One of the coziest parts of doing a study abroad program in South Korea during your summer break is that you’ll be there during jangma (rainy season). But if rain’s not your thing, don’t worry — there’s still plenty of sunshine, and the country’s rainy season isn’t as bad as other countries in the area. Plus, the added moisture only makes South Korea’s natural beauty more splendid. Juknokwon, a bamboo forest in Damyang, practically glows with green during the summer, while also protecting visitors from the sun. And when it’s sunny, the country’s mountainous national parks such as Seoraksan and Bukhansan only look more severe and breathtaking. 

Bamboo forest in South Korea

3. Indoor Fun 

When the rain does come, rest assured that South Korea has plenty of indoor activities to offer. Want to go shopping, but worried about getting your new duds wet? Seoul has a network of underground stores, restaurants and more. For your Instagram grid, there’s Color Pool Museum, featuring nine fun rooms of ball pits, balloons and bright colors. Looking for a thrill? The Lotte Theme Park and SeaLaLa Indoor Waterpark are both completely indoors! 

4. Summer Food 

Summer opens you up to a whole different menu in South Korea, with delicious food options designed to keep you cool. Naengmyeon (cold noodles) are a popular dish during this time, featuring buckwheat noodles in chicken or beef broth, commonly with a boiled egg on top. Then, for dessert, there’s bingsu, a milk-based shaved iced treat topped with fruit syrup and other sweets. 

Downtown Seoul, South Korea at night

5. Night Activities 

The fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, in fact, it’s when a new South Korea awakens. At night the weather cools and the buildings illuminate. If you’re in South Korea’s capital city, it’s a great time to traverse beautifully lit Seoul Fortress Wall, built in 1396. Also in Seoul, the Han River takes on a new life with food trucks and night markets. Booking a river cruise gets you the city’s best view of the night lights and fireworks! No matter the activity you choose, you’ll love your summer nights in South Korea as a study abroad student! 

Studying abroad in the East is an exciting experience not many can boast about. If you’re up for the summer of a lifetime, join us and study abroad in Seoul, South Korea!  

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